Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long time !

Its been a very very long time coz I felt sick of myslef and my fate. All these days, I was happened to face frustrated and even more worse consequences which unfortunately led to feel myself insecure and stupid [yeah, I am though]. GRRRR

Candidly speaking, I even felt to cut off my throat, but you know what, this is Life, Struggle, Pressure, Frustration and mild happiness - I've famous quote saying 'DO THE IMPOSSIBLE' which will mesmerize me a lot.

Later on, in course of time, after facing and crossing all these hurdles, one beautiful day, I met someone over Internet, online chatting specifically. I just know the name of the someone is "planet". I showed him/her [see.. I dunno this also.. :)initially, ofcourse 'planet' said yes to SHE] my blog, planet said that 'I kinda inspired by your blog' - then I was totally fainted, I was thinking it is accident but believe me, I was knowingly or unknowingly remembering those chat transcripts everyday when i go to that site. CRAZY .. GRRRRR

planet told me one line which I will never forget in my life - "You will always search love in every girl you face"

Monday, October 01, 2007


I don't want to do this anymore.
But I would be a fool to leave her over this.
It would be something to regret for the rest of my life.
I love her so much, but sometimes I don't know what to do...


I'm just annoyed... this isn't some kind of serious problem we're having. I just need to escape:

She never shares her feelings!!!

And it finally happened - THE BROKE UP :(

Tragic is more like it. I deserve this! I do! I should be in the hospital. This is the most painful thing I've ever been through. I'd do anything to win her heart. I'd cut my fucking arm off. I want her to call me and say the word which am waiting to hear, I want her to get mad at me, I want her to grab me from behind and squeeze me 'till I think my ribs are going to break. AAARRRGGGHHHH !!!!

why am writing all this in this blog... Wow, this hurts.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Love ?


diabolic !!

I don't know what her fucking problem is, but I'd like to see her more than once a day...
Is that too much to ask?Yeah, she calls a few times a day which is nice, but it's not enough.
Show me that you miss me instead of just saying it all the time...

Actions speak louder than words.